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Most Asian countries have the usual international brands available, or occasionally some of the Chinese factory brands that aren't widely available, but sometimes I do see a brand appears is specific to that Asian Country. It is usually a Chinese produced import but web site language often means I can't find out very much about them.

DCT (Dreams Come True)

D C T Enterprise Ltd introduced this range of Soprano and Concert Ukuleles in 2012. They are made in China and most of them are laminate but there are some solid mahogany ones too. DCT stands for Dreams Come True though the firm has some other brand name for guitars as well. They have a big D as the headstock logo and I have seen them on sale in Japan, but mainly I have seen them in South Korea


A South Korean distributor though they claim to be from California, (but I can see no US link?), the Ukuleles are also branded Tustin in some of the advertising and are made in Indonesia, (looks like the same factory as the Oscar Schmidts?)  I have seen mainly Concerts in a variety of woods but a couple of Sopranos and a Pineapple,  there are Guitars under this brand too and I'm fairly sure it's actually the own brand of GuitarNet, an online music shop


This is mainly known as a South Korean Drum maker but they have expanded their range to include cases and Guitars and though it doesn't mention them on the website Ukuleles too. From the adverts I have seen, the actual Ukuleles are made in China and come as Sopranos and Concerts

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