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Young Chang Soprano Ukulele
Young Chang Soprano
China does dominate the region, (and the world for that matter), when it comes to Ukulele manufacture but there are an increasing number of workshops and factories opening up elsewhere in Asia, and still a few in business from the time before China became pre-eminent. Getting information on them can be hard as the websites are often difficult to translate

Bangsaen - Honolele

Hand made in Sriracha, Thailand, but in some kind of factory and the name is explained on the website (basically Honolulu and Ukulele). There is a stock range of models in Concert, Superconcert and Tenor and a custom shop. They only come with a 30 day warranty and with no information of how the wood is prepared for other climates, it all leaves some doubt in my mind as to quality? (they use to have a website but now it sells diet products?)

Karadoo Owlstudio

This is a maker of Carbon Fibre Ukuleles based in Pathum Than, Thailand. It was founded by Warapot (Ding) Vayhayee and he now employs two others at the Owlstudio, (the animal in the middle of the logo is suppose to be an owl). Production started in 2010 with the Soundtripper Supersoprano and the 2013 range has expanded to include Soprano, Supersoprano, Concert, Superconcert and Tenor models with a number of options like pickups or metal frets rather than carbon fibre ones. An interesting design feature of some of the models is the flat bottom (so it stands up on its own), but with a recess for a strap pin

Young Chang

Most famous for their Pianos though in the past they did make Squire Guitars for Fender, own Tacoma Guitars before Fender, and market their own brand of Guitar called Fenix, (though I don't think any Ukuleles were branded as such?). In 1998 they opened a factory in China and in 2006 they were taken over by Hyundai (the big industrial conglomerate that makes cars and things and nothing to do with Hyun Dai Guitars). Of the Ukuleles branded Young Chang, I have seen Sopranos and Concerts only

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