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China does dominate the region, (and the world for that matter), when it comes to Ukulele manufacture but there are an increasing number of workshops and factories opening up elsewhere in Asia, and still a few in business from the time before China became pre-eminent. Getting information on them can be hard as the websites are often difficult to translate


Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and in business since at least 2015 this is a Esty shop and probably a physical shop too. There is not a lot of information so I don't know if it is a factory or an individual? but the website talks about being musicians and music teachers as well as making Ukuleles. With the Ukuleles they make Soprano and Concert scale ones that are handmade, often feature the words "Chiang Mai" on them (so making them look a bit like tourist tat) and appear to have Acacia on the headstock and sound hole label, even if they are not made of acacia.

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