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Hyun dai Concert Ukulele
Hyun Dai
China does dominate the region, (and the world for that matter), when it comes to Ukulele manufacture but there are an increasing number of workshops and factories opening up elsewhere in Asia, and still a few in business from the time before China became pre-eminent. Getting information on them can be hard as the websites are often difficult to translate

Chai Guitar Craft

Founded by Yukinobu Chai, (and now run by his son), in Machida, Tokyo, Japan in 1959 to make Violins. Over the years the range of chordophones produced has expanded, and so has the workforce, now they employ 7 people and make mainly Guitars and Ukuleles. The Ukuleles they make are mainly Concert or Superconcert scale with a distinctive bell shape, and still very much hand made, in fact though not a luthiery school they were the place where a number of Japanese luthiers learned the craft. the headstock logo reads Ychai or Y chai - the c is not capitalised and the space between the Y and c is very small.
It should be noted that the Chai part of the name often gets translated as tea but the name has nothing to do with the beverage 

Hyun Dai

Based in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea they also make Guitars (I believe this is a separate company to Hyundai, the big industrial conglomerate who brand their Ukuleles Young Chang)


Founded in 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand, they make a number of wooden products including Cajons, mini Pianos and non musical artefacts, as well as Ukuleles. They do OEM work for Ko'Aloha, they made the last of the Ko'Alanas and now with the rebrand, (to leave all of the QC issues with KoAlana behind), they make the replacement Ko'Aloha Opio. They use the the brand name Rebel for their house Ukuleles and I have seen Soprano, Concert and Tenor scales from them; they offer a custom service too if you contact them.

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