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China does dominate the region, (and the world for that matter), when it comes to Ukulele manufacture but there are an increasing number of workshops and factories opening up elsewhere in Asia, and still a few in business from the time before China became pre-eminent. Getting information on them can be hard as the websites are often difficult to translate

Lunas Acoustic Works

Founded in 1954 according to the headstock and apparently made in Korea. They make acoustic Guitars as well as Ukuleles and are on sale in Pakistan too. They may also have a secondary Chinese made brand called Kahua

Mitsuba Gakki Co.

Founded in 1964, they are also called San~tsuha instrument Co. and sometimes go under Mituba Gakki (without the s in the middle - maybe translators?) They are based in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture Japan and they currently make furniture and a brand of Ukuleles they call Zephyr. I have only ever seen Soprano scale on sale apart from the type 30 that appears longer, (maybe Concert maybe just Supersoprano?), but I have seen longer scales and a Taropatch in an office at the factory. Zephyrs are reputedly fairly low end and they are distributed by Kiwaya. They also make some of the lower end Famous branded Ukuleles for Kiwaya, (I have seen some Famous Ukuleles with sound hole labels saying made by Santsuha and some better ones saying made by Kiwaya).  They also make Domo Ukuleles, a promotional brand based on a popular Japanese cartoon character. In the past they made Clover branded Ukuleles, some of which were exported and this is the firm that actually made the Canadian Northern Ukuleles so they may have used other brand names, or made instruments for other people too?


Possibly made in Korea by a firm called Flight Mode(?) There are some acoustic Concert Ukuleles with this branding and some twin pickup steel strung Ukuleles that have the branding Tomo Plug In Baby. Details are hard to find and in Korean

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