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Thai road side luthier made tenor Ukulele
Thai luthier made Tenor
China does dominate the region, (and the world for that matter), when it comes to Ukulele manufacture but there are an increasing number of workshops and factories opening up elsewhere in Asia, and still a few in business from the time before China became pre-eminent. Getting information on them can be hard as the websites are often difficult to translate


Dame Guitars is a brand from South Korea, with a history on the website that I can't read. They make mainly Guitars but they do make Soprano and Concert Ukulele too; and Violins


A Ukulele shop that also distributes its own brands not only around Thailand but through its eBay shop. In addition to the Hauhin brand which comes as Supersoprano plus other scale, (but I'm not sure which?), there was also a budget Orca brand but this appears to have been superseded by Hauhin "Dolphin" Makala copies!

Thai and Indonesian Luthiers

In the larger tourist areas of most of the Asian countries that the Ukulele makers work out of, there are a number of Tourist area roadside wood workers who use to specialise in nic-naks for tourists, (and still do), but have started having a go at making Ukuleles for the many tourists, (I'm not sure how much of a local trade they do?). These are unbranded and of varying quality - I would also worry about how well the wood was seasoned if I was getting one too - but as they have to compete with mass produced Chinese imports and are sold to people direct they can't be completely unplayable.

Indonetwork is an Indonesian online marketplace that has a section for small Indonesian luthiers or factories making Ukuleles. It is difficult from this site to assess quality or size of output of the firms but it shows they are out there and trying to sell, (also a good place to look it you are looking for Kroncong (or Indonesian) Ukuleles)

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