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1960's William Akamuhou Pineapple Ukulele
Akamuhou Pineapple
Though in other parts of the world the Ukulele has gone in and out of fashion a few times, in Hawaii it has always held a bit more popularity (though here too it has had upturns and downturns) I have entries for the makers of the first half of the 20th century and entries for the current ones so here is the entries for some of the luthiers and firms who tried to produce quality Ukuleles in the 2nd half of the 20th century even in the last quarter when they were really in a downturn but are no longer in business today.

David Hurd - Kawika

This is the brand name used by luthier and author, (of books about Ukuleles and Ukulele building), David Hurd from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. He was self-taught and began making Ukuleles as a hobby in 1985. He retired from Ukulele manufacture some time before 2011. He has an interesting database application on his website to help identify unbranded early Hawaiian Ukuleles

T&K Ceniza

Husband and Wife luthier team Tomas and Katherine Ceniza started this brand in 1986. They were based in the Waianae Mountains of Hawaii with Tomas doing the woodwork and Katherine doing the polishing and finishing. From the examples I have seen they mainly, if not entirely made Tenors. Katherine died in 2009 and Tomas, if he is still alive doesn't appear to still be producing Ukuleles. However Tomas's nephew Jerome Werner who started with the Cenizas does; under the brand name Valley Made

William Akamuhou

He was a very popular Hawaiian Singer, musician and recording artist of the 1950's. The ukulele pictured is labelled "Bill Akamuhou Ukulele - Made in Hawaii - Genuine Koa" in the sound hole with no other manufacturers markings. I guess it is a William Akamuhou endorsed model rather than he made it himself (though that is possible? or like his predecessor Ernest Ka'ai he owned the factor making them?)

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