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Royal Hawaiian Craft Soprano Ukulele
Royal Hawaiian Craft
Though in other parts of the world the Ukulele has gone in and out of fashion a few times, in Hawaii it has always held a bit more popularity (though here too it has had upturns and downturns) I have entries for the makers of the first half of the 20th century and entries for the current ones so here is the entries for some of the luthiers and firms who tried to produce quality Ukuleles in the 2nd half of the 20th century even in the last quarter when they were really in a downturn but are no longer in business today.


The soundhole label says all I know at the moment about this maker that they were working from the Big Island in the 1990's?

Jesse Kalima

Born in 1920, he was a Ukulele star and band leader who came to prominence during and after WWII, amongst other things he is credited with popularising both the (modern) Tenor scale Ukulele, the low G tuning and being a pioneer of amplified Ukuleles; he died in 1980. In 1950, Jesse opened a music shop on Kalākaua Avenue selling Ukuleles with his own label on the headstock, that were made locally. The advertisement I have lists 2 scales "Standard and Junior" I don't know here if it means Tenor and Soprano, but more likely it is Soprano and Mini. I also don't know how long this venture lasted

Royal Hawaiian Craft

Not a lot of information, It say "made in Hawaii" on the headstock label and from the build I would say this is true. I know they were on sale in Oahu in the 1950s and they are not in business now, (or I can't find them).

Any further information would be good?

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