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Olinda Prison Oahu Woodshop Pineapple Soprano Ukulele
Olinda Prison Woodshop Pineapple
Gregory Yount Honu prototype Ukulele
Gregory Yount - Honu prototype

Miki Sato tenor Taropatch 8 string Ukulele
Miki Sato Taropatch
Though in other parts of the world the Ukulele has gone in and out of fashion a few times, in Hawaii it has always held a bit more popularity (though here too it has had upturns and downturns) I have entries for the makers of the first half of the 20th century and entries for the current ones so here is the entries for some of the luthiers and firms who tried to produce quality Ukuleles in the 2nd half of the 20th century even in the last quarter when they were really in a downturn but are no longer in business today.

Gregory Yount

In 1999 he started a firm making Ukuleles branded Honu on Hawaii. These were the all in one type with the neck, back and sides carved out from a single block of wood using a router. Some prototypes were apparently made but the firm never went into full production and closed in 2001

Miki Sato

Based in Wailuku, Maui and worked out of the basement of a shop. Known for making Guitaleles as well as Ukuleles but I don't know anything beyond that?

Olinda Prison Woodshop

"In the 1950s the joke on Maui was if you needed good wood work, you went to the woodshop at Olinda Prison because that is where all the skilled young craftsmen were" This is an anecdote I have heard, But it was the case that Ukulele making was taught at the wood shop and some of the fruits of these attempts at rehabilitation were good.

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