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Nashville Resonators Concert resonator Ukulele Dubro
Nashville Resonators Concert
There are a number of Australasian importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then brand with their own name. They are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model) and some can be quite good quality


A full range Ukuleles with the better range coming in all the standard scales and the budget Sopranos coming in all colours They are the own brand of distributor Pro Music Australia
Nothing to do with the US Kealoha brand


This is the own brand of Musiclink, a small distribution company from Rowville, Australia. There is a full range of musical equipment imported with this branding, including budget and "premium" (their description of their better range of laminate and solid) Ukuleles The "premium" range comes as Soprano Tenor or Baritone with either a laminate or solid spruce top

Nashville Resonators

Another importer of AXL resonator instruments including the Ukuleles. I can't find a web presence for the company but a lot of shops stock them

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