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IZ ultrathin soprano at Ukulele Corner
My IZ Ultrathin Soprano
There are a lot of Ukulele factories in China, usually in Guangzhou, and whilst some of them make the famous brands that are distributed internationally, (and some don't respect copyright), they also produce other less famous brands that only get very limited distribution. These may be the factory "house" brands or may be a limited trial run and they never really went into production, (but then a trial run of 500 is more than some luthiers will ever make)? I haven't found the information to be more specific, but some of these brands are as good as the famous ones made along side them so deserver some recognition.
Some of the factories will have used more than one of the brand names on otherwise identical models of Ukulele and I am finding the more I look into it that some of these "manufacturers" are really only Ukulele distributors and by this I mean that a company that specialises in making say Guitars or Violins is asked by a customer to supply Ukuleles as well. Instead of making the Ukuleles themselves, although they probably could, they buy them from one of the other factories and sell them on as their own; making it hard to work out who exactly makes them? Anyway here is what I have found.

Huayi Musical Instruments Co.

Primarily a Guitar manufacturer, established in 2003 in Shijing Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City. They say they have "3 production factories to make three quality levels to meet different needs". As well as Guitars they make Violins percussion and Soprano Concert and Tenor Ukuleles. Surprisingly on the website They say they are the OEM manufacturer for Lag(?) and I think they made Ukuleles for Team International at one stage. Their main own brands consist of Deviser, (I don't think it has anything to do with Deviser Co. of Japan, it does say on the website they are independent?), and they use this on all of their instruments including Ukuleles, Oriental Cherry that they use for Guitars and Ukuleles, and from the look of it Cowboy is their budget brand used on both Guitars and Ukuleles. Beyond this they have another brand, Sana that they use only on Ukuleles, a brand that is I believe called IZ (though with the logo it could easily be confused as ZI) that I have seen with what looks like the Lag soundhole rosette on a number of models, and another brand, Caravan that they use only on Guitars. For all of the brand names, (and I have seen them use Aloha as well), I have not seen them making any Baritone scale or extra string models.

Vein Musical Instrument Co - Vines Music

Based in Huizhou, Guangdong, with some conflicting information on when the company was founded? (as is often the way on the chinese websites it says 2014 but also says it has been making OEM for 10 years - Having not seen the branding before 2015 the 2014 date is possible but it may have been under another name) There is some unspecified mention of a link to Spain on the site too, possibly technical help, possibly ownership? Whatever the case the firm uses the branding Vien, Vines and Yamilio (though I've seen no instruments branded with this), has a Vein and Vines website, and makes Guitars, Violins and Soprano Concert and Tenor Ukuleles, plus Amps, Drums, Guitar parts and accessories. The Ukulele output is all very generic looking though so I wouldn't be at all surprised if, despite all of the claims of manufacturing they are really just a distributor/middle man especially since some of the pictures n the sites still carry Huayi brand names!

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