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Some Photos courtesy of Ukulelefriend.com
Jon Cooley Tenor Banjolele banjo Ukulele
Jon Cooley Tenor scale Banjolele
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Dave Talsma

From Swartz Creek, Michigan, his full time job is as a graphic artist, (he has a degree in Art and Design), but he builds 10 or more instruments a year as well. He started with his first Guitar in 1995 and still makes Guitars, but for quite a while now has been making predominantly Ukuleles. His prefered scale is Concert, though he does make other sizes too, and he does make some very nice looking traditional models, including copies of the some of the iconic early designs like the "Vita" and the "Shrine". Also, with a number of his models, he lets his art and design background show through with interesting graphics and other design features.

Jon Cooley

From Western North Carolina, he built his first banjo from a kit in 1993 but in 1995 he changed to making Dulcimers. In 2011 he studied the technique some more and went back into making Banjos, including Ukulele Banjos primarily for local woods.

William King - Chantus

Based in Austin Texas, he started building classical guitars in 1974 and added Ukuleles to his catalogue in 2005. A lot of his instruments feature a 3 pointed crown on the headstock as a logo and I have seen all scales of Ukulele from him including Baritone. He use to say, (when he had a website), "I am a 21st century artisan. My craft is musical instrument building." however in 2013 I read that he couldn't make a living building instruments and so went back to more mundane work

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