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In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

David Iriguchi

He is from Carmichael, California, and he started making Ukuleles in 2009, prior to this he was a graphic designer. He produces two types of Ukulele, the traditional bent wood type, of which he makes a kind of pineapple shape he calls a keystone. He makes this as Concert, Super Concert or Tenor with poplar back and sides and a variety of tone woods for soundboards. These are often painted on the back and sides and sometimes the soundboard too. The other style he calls Hardbodys where the back and sides are carved from a single billet of wood. There were three types of Hardbodys: flattops with a flat, braced soundboard; FatBottoms, which are modified flattops with an extra large lower bout or ‘fat bottom’; and, finally archtops with a cantilevered fretboard and hinged heel plate. in 2013 he added a fourth style inspired by the Tahitian Banjo, only with the sound holes sit facing forwards. These all have very thin bodies (about 5cm - 2in) as a result of the carving process and this also makes each one very individual and this range includes a Super Soprano as well as the other scales, plus in 2013 he introduced Bass Ukuleles to his catalogue. His design philosophy for the Ukuleles is "Our designs are rooted in tradition but not constrained by it. We strive to build instruments in an environmentally responsible way by reducing our use of exotic woods wherever possible and by exploring "greener" finishes."

Jamie White - BoneBasses

From Ramona, California, he makes mainly Basses and Guitars, which he has been doing since before 1999. He does make other instruments too though, like Mandolins, Ukuleles (though they don't feature much on the website however I have seen Concerts and Baritones) and a Hybrid Dulcimer Ukulele thing he calls the "Dulcilele". With all of the non Guitar instruments (and some of the guitar ones too) he also adds the brand name Land on a headstock logo

Richard Brown (Banjos)

Originally from Texas and now based in Sedona, Arizona, he has been a woodworker for over 40 years and making instruments since before 2009. He is predominantly a Banjo maker but he does make Banjoleles and Roundbody Ukuleles too. The Banjoleles come as Concert, (8" rim) or Tenor, (10" rim) and the Ukuleles, which he calls Lo-Lo-Mi, (from the Hopi language, a word of welcome or peace), and started making in 2012, comes only as a Soprano. He only uses local wood for his instruments.

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