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Daniel Bradley Kolaya Lili'u Ukulele
Kolaya Lili'u
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Daniel Bradley - Kolaya

A bit of a mystery here he started making instruments some time before 2009 and in 2009 started showing them on the Internet, (talking about his 16th Guitar and 2nd Ukulele),  with a website, blog spot site, Facebook site and a number of other social media outlets but now they all appear to have been abandoned since the beginning of 2014; or have lapsed? When he started he was in Michigan, but at some point he moved to North Carolina, and when he was making instruments, (if he has stopped), he seems to have made mainly Guitars, however he did make some Ukuleles as well.

Kathy Matsushita (The Amateur Luthier)

She was a school teacher by profession, (teaching English not woodwork), and use to only build instruments as a summer holidays hobby. However she has been doing this since 1987 and Pete Howlett says about her building "Kathy is one of the most gifted and seriously good amateurs". Self taught she started out with kit Guitars but moved on to make them from scratch, and then to make other chordophones including Ukuleles of various scales from scratch too. She has also made a couple of Harp Ukuleles and is a member of the American Guild of Luthiers. She retired as a teacher in 2012 and so now can indulge her "hobby" as much as she wants 

Victor Jones - Blue Frog

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio he has been making Ukuleles since before 2009 and originally trained as a graphic designer. He started out making Sopranos but has since gone on to include Concerts and Tenors in his catalogue

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