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Lou Reimuller Twitch Concert
Lou Reimuller Concert
In being on the lookout for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Adam Hanson - Patriarch Guitars

Based in Seattle, Washington State, he previously built Guitars under the branding H&S Guitars but changed the name when he moved to Seattle and dissolved the partnership with Aaron Shelton (who was never a builder) Patriarch was founded in 2016 but Adam has been a luthier since before 2011. From what I have seen he makes mainly Guitars but has made Ukuleles under Patriarch, (I've not seen any under H&S)

Lou Reimuller

An Oregon based artist who is also a luthier I don't know much about his instrument production beyond making the notorious "Teenair" (an electric guitar that encompases a full size mannikin of a young girl?) in 1986 and making all of new Ukuleles for Amy Creoles work. These Ukuleles are called Tickler and do look like they have been very well made

Rob Uker - RIG (RI Guitars)

I am not sure if Uker is his family name or just an online nickname? But hs is primarily a cigar box Ukulele builder who has expanded his repertoire to include electric Guitars, Ukuleles that often resemble famous electric Guitars, and even Banjoleles. He is based in Monroe, New York State and started making instrument before 2011. I am fairly sure he sells the cigar boxes but I not sure about the others?

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