Promotional Ukuleles

Doraemon Cartoon Pineapple Soprano at Ukulele Corner
Ron Jon Surf Shop Soprano
Ron Jon Surf Shop
Fleischer Studios Betty Boop Ukulele
Betty Boop Soprano
Over the years there have been a lot of Ukuleles made for some kind of marketing or promotional campaign, or to advertise a film or TV show. This practice has been going on almost since the inception of the Ukulele and still happens today. They are usually fairly low end and often unmarked beyond the promotional decoration. If I know, or am fairly sure of, the maker I will put examples on the makers page, this is a page for instruments, new or old, I have seen that I am unsure of the maker of? (Though I may hazard a guess and if anyone else has definitive proof can they let me know)

  • Betty Boop - 1930's - Famous US Cartoon Character, it was put out by Fleischer Studios, the maker of the cartoon and probably made by Regal
  • Camel - 2012 - Advertising the cigarettes but I can find nothing to suggest it was made for or endorsed by them
  • Domo - a popular Japanese cartoon character who seems to promote everything and has a full range of merchandise (I don't know the back story though and don't want to wade through the Domo facebook page). The Ukuleles are made by Mitsuba Gakki
  • Dora(emon) - 2011 - A Japanese Cartoon Character - but there is no branding beyond Dora. I have seen one very similar branded by QTE Music though and some other painted Doraemon sopranos, (I am unsure if any are licensed?)
  • Harold Teen - A pre-WWII newspaper comicstrip charecter now largly forgotten except for Harmony's range of Ukuleles featuring him
  • Hisogirl - 2011 - A woman's clothes shop in Bangkok, Thailand, (clearly one of the Ukes that is usually a smiley face but here the sound holes don't represent the eyes!)
  • Marlboro - 1930's - This was part of a campaign by Marlboro Cigarettes and probably made by Richter Mfg Co
  • Monster High - 2015 - part of a range of merchandise for tweenage girls based on a cartoon show. the range includes dolls, a small acoustic Guitar as well as a Soprano
  • My Little Pony - 2010's - A popular children's cartoon so there are probably lots of them including unlicensed ones
  • One Piece - 2012 - Based on a Japanese cartoon with no other branding on but I have seen resellers claim its aNueNue? (I am also unsure if it is licensed?)
  • Oronamin C - post 1965 - A Japanese health drink
  • Penn State - 1933 - College Sports Team from the 30's. Possibly a Regal but it could be a more local maker like A H Balliet?
  • Pokémon - 2010 - Nintendo did commision a special Pikachu Ukulele from Masami Endo in 2002 but the ones pictured here were produced for specialist Pokémon shops
  • Ron Jon (Surf Shop) - 2010's - A surfer style retail chain founded in 1959 in Ship Bottom, New Jersey and now across North America. The Ukuleles are Soprano and come in black, blue or pink and the floral design changes over time but always features the logo
  • the Simpsons - 2000's - I have seen a lot of Simpsons Ukuleles over the years, some are clearly unlicenced but others look like they might be legitimate. Peavey does, (from 2013), have a licensing deal with the makers for some musical merchandise, but I've not seen them do Ukuleles
  • World's Fair - 1934 - Held in Chicago, home of the mass produced Ukulele at the time - probably made by Regal

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