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Vivace Soprano Ukulele
Vivace Soprano
Though this part of the world is much keener on their own kinds of folk Chordophone, (like the Brazilian Cavaco, the Venezuelan Cuatro, the Colombian Tiple and the Bolivian Charrango), and have a tradition of building them locally, there are some makers that have produced a range of Ukuleles too. Then, like everywhere else in the world, there are some local instrument distributors that import for China, (usually), and brand them with their own name for local resale too

Clave Sonora

Founded in 2007 by a small group of former employees of Tonante, Sonora Musical Instruments is a Brazilian manufacturer based in Itupeva who use the brand name Clave on their headstocks and Clave Sonora on the soundhole labels. Their catalogue includes Guitars, Violas, Cavacos and Banjo Cavacos plus unusually for Brazilian makers a couple of Concert Ukuleles and a lot of the instruments come in some very colourful finishes. The original company Tonante was founded as "Ao Rei dos Violões" (To the king of the acoustic Guitars) in 1954 by Portuguese immigrants Abel and Samuel Tonante. I don't know the full catalogue of instruments but they certainly made Cavacos as well as acoustic Guitars


The first Brazilian brand from 2000s to build and sell Ukuleles. They are based in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, and they also sell Resonator Guitars and Weissenborns. They began building various sizes of Ukuleles including "sopraninho" (meaning "little soprano" - actually a soprano scale with a slightly smaller body so Supersopranino), Soprano and Tenor. They also produced briefly a Tenor "cigar box" model. They were made of a Pinus wood and had a very thick top. After a while they stopped producing it and began importing from China and branding them.
This firm has nothing to do with the Taiwanese Triumph brand


The are primarilaly a luthiery Supplier based in João Neiva, ES, Brazil. They are also builders of Viola Caipira and they briefly produced the first non-custom, post 2000 solid wood Ukulele available in Brazil. It came with a Canadian spruce top and various solid woods for the sides and backs in Soprano, Concert and Tenor scales and apparently a Pineapple too.

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