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Though this part of the world is much keener on their own kinds of folk Chordophone, (like the Brazilian Cavaco, the Venezuelan Cuatro, the Colombian Tiple and the Bolivian Charrango), and have a tradition of building them locally, there are some makers that have produced a range of Ukuleles too. Then, like everywhere else in the world, there are some local instrument distributors that import for China, (usually), and brand them with their own name for local resale too

Cocobolo Ukuleles

Founded in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua by a couple of US ex-pats, the firm started out with the name Nica Tiki, (and it still uses this branding for the local, and local tourist markets, with a Nica Tiki music shop and a NicaTiki Website). In 2014 the international branding for the Ukuleles was changed to Cocobolo to try and highlight the main selling point of the instruments, the beautiful wood. The actual instruments are made by Silvio Conto a local luthier, with the help of at least 2 others and started out as predominantly Concert scale Ukuleles but for the US market has increasingly been producing Tenors as well In addition to this I have seen cedar top ones being produced as a custom option.

Guitarras Pilarte

From Masaya, Nicaragua and I am not sure if this is a full blown firm or just the work of Luis Pilarte? (if it is just him, he appears very productive) He has been making chordophones since the late 1980's and though it is mainly Guitars, the output does include Guitarrillas, Mandolins and Concert Ukuleles

Guitarras Zepeda

Founded in 1934 in Masaya, Nicaragua, the firm is a third generation luthier family business currently building about 20 Guitars, Mandolins, Guitarrillas, (the local Nicaraguan folk Chordophone; 4 stringed and about the size of a Tenor Ukulele), Ukuleles and different string instruments every month. the Ukuleles they make are generally Concert scale and made of local woods.

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