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Hudson Sunburst Soprano Ukulele Corner
My Hudson Soprano
There are a number of European importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then brand with their own name. They are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model), and some can be quite good quality.

Freshman Guitars

The firm was founded in Scotland in 2002 and all of the instruments are made in China, but like a lot of US based brands they make a big deal of saying the instrument are designed in the UK and go through a QC finishing process in the UK. Though they predominantly have Guitars in the catalogue, there is also some amps and in 2012 they introduced a range of Ukuleles in Mahogany, (FU1), or Dao, (FU2) in Soprano, Concert or Tenor and an electro-acoustic Koa, (FU3), Soprano. All of them have Nato necks and are suppose to be solid wood. In the past they have released a colourful budget Soprano they branded the Star Gaze but this ceased production in 2012 when they launched the higher quality models. As well as the UK website they also have a US website so presumably there is some distribution in the US? and they have spent a lot on advertising and acquired some endorsees who are more famous for things other than playing the Guitar, since the launch of the brand. That said I haven't seen them on sale widely in Europe, never mind America?


The House brand of Cranes a big music shop in Cardiff - the Ukuleles are reputedly made at the same factory as Kala? They have all the standard scales, Lili'us, and the usual wood selections going from laminate through to solid koa.

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