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Clearwater Roundback Spruce Electro-Ac​oustic Baritone at Ukulele Corner
My Roundback Baritone
There a few small firms that still manufacture some very nice Ukuleles and other instrument in Europe. Then there are a number of European importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then brand with their own name. These are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model) and some can be quite good quality

Excelsior Music

Founded in 2011 by Bill Ferguson in Portsmouth, England, they have more than 30 models of Ukulele including Banjoleles and 5 basses in the range. The actual instruments come from six manufacturers located in China, Vietnam, Australia and the UK, (well the Ukuleles are hand finished in the UK). They also commision special one off models to be made by UK based luthiers under the Excelsior branding and I have seen manouche Guitars being sold under this branding. 

Really Useful Music Co.

This is a British Distribution company based in Stanley, County Durham whose name is often abbreviated to RUMC and whose house brand is Clearwater. It was founded in 2001 and sells mainly online through Amazon, eBay and the like though I have seen them on sale in shops too. They distribute a range of Instruments including wind and percussion as well as chordophones like Guitars, Mandolins and Ukuleles. I have seen Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukulele branded by them but never long neck variants and never extra string variants. One thing they appear to do, and I have never worked out if they are seconds or not, is have a selection that is from the same Chinese maker and a more international brand, so in 2011 they had a number of models that were identical to some of Ohana's and in 2012 it was Eleuke they were mimicking? in 2013 though they still carried some of the "copy" ranges they do seem to be stocking more original looking models including the ABS plastic Concert made by Lanyao

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