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possibly a Prototype
Northern Triangle Concert Ukulele
Northern Triangle
standard Northern Ukulele
Figure 8 Soprano
Northern was set up by J(ohn) Chalmers Doane in Canada in the late 60's to produce Ukuleles for a school music program that ran through most of the 70's using Ukuleles with the Maple Leaf headstock and the Made In Japan sticker on the other side. The triangular Ukuleles were mainly Concert scale but there were some Sopranos made too. The Ukuleles themselves were made of laminate mahogany and came with a vinyl soft carry case, though the original prototype was made by a Japanese luthier and was spruce topped and all solid wood and there may have been higher quality models, (or more than one prototype?)

Though most famous for the triangular Ukulele, some of the pictures shows they had traditional shaped Ukuleles in the range too, but still made in Japan by the Mitsuba Gakki Co.

At some stage in the 1970's and for some reason, (that I don't know?), the brand name Northern was dropped and they started to be branded with Doane and a map of Canada on the headstock, (still made in Japan though thought)

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