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A. Louis Soprano
A. Louis Soprano
Ohana is another company where all of the actual Ukuleles are made in China, (I believe by Artiny Guitars), though they have a California address.

They have a large range of Ukuleles of all scales from Sopranino to Baritone, Soprano and Concert Superscales, and a Bass Ukulele, in a large variety of solid woods. The also have models featuring 5, 6, (Lili'u and Guitalele), 8, (Taropatch) and 10, (Tiple) string configurations, though no Banjoleles. They do a couple of colourful laminate budget ranges too, but unlike most of the other larger firms they don't market these with a different brand name.

As well as all of the standard ranges, they also produce some Ukuleles based on classic designs of the past, like the Lyon & Healy bell, the Harmony “Vita” and in 2013 some based on the designs of the early Portuguese/Hawaiian Ukulele makers. On top of all this they also produce limited run, special editions, usually in rare wood configurations.

There are a few Ohanas with and aftermarket resonator fitted by DRC. I’m not sure if these were officially sanctioned and never appeared in the official catalogue but I have seen them on sale in a number of places and still labelled Ohana both on the headstock and on the metal plate that had been added to the front. In 2013 they introduced their own, (definitely), official resonator Ukulele without the DRC connection or the metal full front.

The Ohana firm was founded in 2006 by a man called Louis Wu and one branding I haven't quite managed to get to the bottom of is A. Louis. Ohana have confirmed that this is a branding that was used by them but I don't know when or why? I suspect it may be an early branding like Lahaina is for Kala, except I have only ever seen them in Germany and Holland and a number appeared on sale in 2013, quite a few years after the Ohana brand was started; further questions to Ohana have not been answered?

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