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Scott Seelye comes from Bend, Oregon and his main profession prior to founding Outdoor Ukuleles was selling skateboards at his shop, however he had made some Wooden Ukuleles previously, in his spare time and I have seen a video of him making one.

In 2012 he came up with a design and a plan to start producing quality plastic Ukuleles with a funding project on Kickstart. The prototypes for this were created using a 3D printer and were I believe the first ukuleles to be made this way. Despite the Kickstart project failing he persevered and started manufacture, in the US, in April 2013, (but using using more mundane injection moulding methods). In the beginning the Ukuleles were all Soprano scale with a square neck and a choice of all plastic friction tuners, so the Ukulele is entirely plastic or metal friction tuners. The first runs were "any colour you like so long as its black," but in 2014 they introduced a different colour; well not quite colour as it was a transparent version. Over time the company has expanded, and so has the range, to add a number of other colours, though still slightly opaque, and to add Concert and Tenor scale models, though they have given up on the use of friction tuners, including the plastic push fit ones that meant there was a 100% plastic model, and they all have open geared tuners now. They say they have made over 15,000 instruments now from when they were founded too.

A couple of other recent changes in design, are that the black ones now are made from 50% carbon fiber, making them a lot stronger than before, and the necks are a lot more curved than they were originally, though they still do have a flat area in the middle of the neck.

There are also a couple of additions to the catalogue too. One is a (17") Tenor scale Banjolele made from carbon fiber composite polycarbonate with radial bracing on an 11" drum, and an internal stainless steel head tensioning system. The second addition is a 20 inch scale 6 string "Travel" Guitar. This too is made from carbon fiber composite polycarbonate and so only comes in black and is nylon strung. Whilst it is very small for a Guitar and the scale length is the same as a Baritone Ukulele there is no suggestion that this is any kind of Guitalele.

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