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Ovation Applause Roundback Electro-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele Corner
2010 UAE 148 Mahogany Tenor
Ovation Celebrity Concert circa 2005
2005 Celebrity Concert
Ovation Applause Roundback Acoustic Soprano Ukulele Corner
2013 UA 20 Soprano
Charles Karman started out as an aerospace engineer but in 1965 he put his knowledge (and company resources) into making a scientifically better acoustic guitar and in 1966 the roundback composite Ovation was born. Ovations head office is in Hartford, USA and I believe some of the Ovation Guitars are still made in the USA.


Ovations budget range, (but still quite expensive), and are made in China. All of the Ovation Ukuleles I have seen on sale since 2010 have been branded Applause by Ovation. (aNueNue like to claim that their U900 range is the most counterfeited Ukulele in the world but there are far more counterfeit Applause UA 20s out there)


The other all far eastern made brand in Ovations line up and is made in Korea and Indonesia. It was used to brand Ukulele models in the mid 2000's


Also used as branding by Ovation for their very top end US products - I have not seen Ukuleles directly branded as Adamas but I have seen the name used in describing a number of the Ukulele colour schemes

They all have the distinctive headstock shape and the composite round back but some models have a traditional central large sound hole and some have the classic Ovation multiple small epaulette sound holes; I have even seen a special limited edition koa model the epaulettes in the shape of a palm tree. I have seen Soprano, Concert and Tenor models on sale but not all of them are available everywhere, (the Concerts for example I have only seen on sale in Japan and the Tenors not on sale in Europe?). I have never seen a Baritone model though and in 2014 all models were taken out of production. Sopranos with central sound hole were introduced again in 2016 in natural kos or black finishes.

For a while the model numbers at the end was usually a two character designation for the finish, so for example 5E means the black finish or A8 the Adamas blue This can also refer to the wood type of the soundboard if the instrument is uncoloured. (This was the case when Ukuleles were in production but this appears to have changed a bit now with one character becoming a lot more common?)

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