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Pennino Music Co.

Penn Soprano Ukulele made in New Jersey
Penn Soprano
Westminster Baritone Ukulele
Westminster Baritone
Westminster Soprano Ukulele made in Japan
Westminster Soprano
The Pennino Music Co. was founded by Jeanette Pennino Banoczi and husband Jack Banoczi in Los Angeles some time after the end of WWII; It later moved to Westminster California. The were primarily a distributor but they did register their own brands and distribute them too.

The first brand name they used for their Ukuleles was Penn and these date from the early 1950's or even the late 1940's. The Ukuleles, (and I have only seen Sopranos), I believe, were made in New Jersey USA, by United Guitar Corporation and are suppose to be of good quality. I have read of Penn branded open back Banjoleles though I haven't seen one?

Later on they registered and were using the brand name Westminster certainly on Guitars, but I have seen Westminster branded Soprano and Baritone Ukuleles too. These were produced in Japan by Matsumoko Gakki an would have been produced around the mid 1970's

Two other brands they registered for use on fretted instrument including Ukuleles but I have only seen used on Guitars were Diamond and La Primera

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