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Pignose electric Soprano
Ulani by Pignose
Uilani by Pignose
Pignose started out in the late 60's or 1973, (depending on which history you read), making the first battery powered Mini Amps. I have no idea how they got into the Ukulele market but for quite a while in the 2010's I have see a chinese made budget looking Soprano called Uilani by Pignose on the market.

Recently Pignose signed a deal with Aria where Aria made and sold solid body Guitars and Soprano Ukuleles fitted with piezo pickups and a Pignose amp where the soundhole would be; these chordophones are branded Pignose. Like the mini amps the Guitars and Ukes have a pull switch volume knob in the shape of a pigs nose as their main control

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