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Pukanala (La?)

Pukanala La Soprano Ukulele
Pukanala mahogany Soprano
Puka Rosette Series tenor
Puka Rosette Concert
Puka Soprano Ukulele
Puka mahogany Soprano
Pukanala are a Taiwanese Manufacturer founded in 2010, with a head office in Taipei and a factory on the mainland. In 2013 they started production of a premium range in Taiwan calling and called it the MiT range. They are an independent company but they have done a good job with their distribution being widely sold in Europe and North America as well as Asia. They say that Punkana La means sunrise in Hawaiian and this is where they get the name and the sunrise logo from.

They appear to have two brands of Ukulele, Pukanala (sometimes with an additional La on the end), and Puka, but quite what the difference is I don't know? The pricing is similar, they both feature decal sound hole decorations, (the company appear to be using this as a branding point), and whilst the Pukanala range is bigger with more natural finishes, (and some higher priced models), there still appears to be lots of crossover? In both cases the scale range is Soprano, Concert and Tenor with a couple of Concert scale Supersopranos and the standard woods used are the same too.

There are Guitars too, and a range of very colourful gigbags

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