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Supreme Musical Manufacture Co.

Snail Tenor
Quilt Ash Snail Concert
Snail Ebony Concert Ukulele Corner
Signature soundhole Concert
They were founded in 2010 in Huizhou, Guangdong and they started out making acoustic Guitars. In 2011 they started making OEM Ukuleles and in 2012 they decided to launch their own the Snail range of Ukuleles which they say are designed in their Hawaii office and made in their Huizhou factory, along with the OEM Ukuleles. I have not seen Snail Ukuleles specifically in other Chinese manufacturer catalogues so it is possible they actually do make them themselves(?), but then again the Snail catalogue does include some Ukuleles that look quite similar to ones I have seen in other Chinese manufacturers catalogues? Back to the range in the catalogue and it is made up of Soprano, Concert and Tenor Scales only with a greater than usual emphasis on Concerts They use a variety of woods and whilst it doesn't specify in the catalogue I know some of them are laminate, but certainly some of the Acacia and Spruce top models are solid wood.

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