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Eddy Finn Rope Mahogany Acoustic Tenor
Eddy Finn EF15 Tenor
with the "Eddy Finn Fin" sound hole
Mossy Oak Tenor
Mossy Oak Tenor
SHS International Morgan Monroe Banjo Ukulele
Morgan Monroe Banjolele
Eddy Finn is the Ukulele arm of SHS International (USA). They have a US address but I'm not sure if the owners are American or Chinese and all of the Ukuleles and Banjoleles are made in China.

The Ukuleles come as Soprano, Concert or Tenor scale, plus a Bass Ukulele, in laminate or a number of solid woods usually with a distinctive triangular "Shark Fin" sound hole. There is a budget range they call Eddy Finn Minnow that come as soprano only in a number of bright colours but other than that they are fairly traditional looking (they have an oval sound hole rather than a circular one or the shark fin).

In 2016 a rebranded version of Bugsgear Aqulele range of plastic ukuleles was added to the catalogue under the branding of Beachmaster for the Concert and Beachcomber for the Soprano. They also added a "no cigar" Concert scale cigar box model they branded Road House

As well as Ukuleles there are a couple of Eddy Finn Banjoleles, (the usual Daewon re-brands), however the Banjoleles use to be put out under SHS Internationals Morgan Monroe Bluegrass Instrument" brand, so you can find Morgan Monroe Banjoleles as well, (still Dae Won re-brands though)

SHS International own a number of other musical instrument brands along with these two, like Indiana Guitars, Who have put out a budget Soprano branded Travel Tone and in 2013 they did a promotional range of instruments in conjunction with Mossy Oak Outdoors clothing and stuff. This started out with some camouflage decorated Indiana Guitars but later included some Ukuleles which I have seen advertised alongside the Indiana branding purely as Mossy Oak Ukes (I have seen the camouflage models advertised as as Eddy Finns as well).

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