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Aersi "Demon" Soprano at Ukulele Corner
My Demon Soprano
Aiersi Semi-Acoustic Tenor Ukulele
Semi-Acoustic Tenor
This appears to be one of the bigger Chinese Musical Instrument Manufacturers, (if fact they claim to be China's Largest Guitar and Ukulele manufacturer), and even though the names is not well known the products are, because they do a lot of OEM work. They were founded in the late 1980's making Violins and related instruments and have expanded into Woodwind, Drums, Accordions, Instrument Cases and there is a fretted chordophone manufacturing subsidiarity, (founded in 2001), called Taixing Aiersi Guitar Musical Instrument Co. who make a very full range of instrument including Guitars, Banjos, Weissenborn Guitars, Mandolins plus a full range of all scales of Ukulele from Sopranino to Bass, and some Banjoleles, Resonators and Semi-Acoustic's. These are the OEM for Koa Pili Koko, (and they also sell them direct, having dropped the Koa so as just Pili Koko), Kamoa (they may even own the brand I'm not sure?) and a lot of others I won't list here unless I see some firm evidence; (plus they make some ukulele kits that I suspect are purchased by third parties outside China, assembled and branded as locally produced instruments - again though I can't prove it).

The main house brand though is Aiersi but I have also seen their output branded as BerkeleyLaiersi, Bali Hai, Rainie, Headway, (nothing to do with the Japanese firm Headway Guitars), and there may be others. Whether they own the brand or its more OEM I don't know

Fact is the more I look through the catalogue the more I think this is the OEM for a number of Ukuleles I have? They are very fond of the same tuners you find on Eddy Finns? the same sound holes configuration that Boulder Creek use? They do a nice Ebony Concert Ukulele with gold tuners, a laser cut sound hole and a side sound port?? but I've no firm evidence...

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