Mervyn Davis - SmoothTalker

SmoothTalker 4 string Mando / Uke
Based in Broederstroom, South Africa, he started making and repairing instruments while studying architecture at the University of Port Elizabeth. Once he graduated in 1978 he started a career in full time instrument making which has always been his occupation, (not architecture). He makes all kinds of chordophone including Guitars, Basses, Mandolins, Violins and even Oods, (he may have been making Ukuleles too but he doesn't mention it on his websites.?) In 1988 he designed and then started making a rage of instruments he branded SmoothTalker using fairly standardised and easy to produce body parts Again this range features Guitars, Basses and Mandolins, even a wood body Banjo but this time no Violins or Oods. He does specifically say on the website for this though, that the range includes Ukuleles using the "size 0" body size, (but it doesn't say the scale length). Since some time before 2009 his wife Debbie has also been working in the workshop on making these.

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