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Lindell Soprano
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Alvarez Soprano
As the name suggests the company comes from St. Louis in the USA. It was founded in 1922 by Bernard Kornblum to import Violins and the like from Germany. He was soon joined by his brother in the Venture and the company was called Kornblum Bros. Music. His sister and her Husband also joined the firm and in 1929 she bought St. Louis Music, a bankrupt sheet music wholesaler and the firm took this name. Before WW2 the company mainly imported instruments from Europe and exported US records to Europe. The war put an end to this but the company survived by supplying other things and after the war they got back into instrument distribution. Whereas before the war if was foreign made instruments and not really Ukuleles, after the war they they were a distributor for the big Chicago brands Regal, Kay and Harmony and started selling Ukuleles. Plus they got back into importing instruments, but now from the Far East as well as Europe, and they started to manufacture their own. Today they are still in business and still owned and run by the Kornblum family

Over the years St Louis Music registered a number of brand names, some of which were certainly used on Ukuleles. Here are some examples, though I have seen others too; - Rene Dumont in 1929 - Silvestri in 1933 - Custom Kraft in 1938 - Pioneer in 1939 and Lindell in 1961. Some were to protect the brand names of instruments they imported but some were names for their own instruments. Another name they own is Alvarez, (nothing to do with Jose Alvarez ). They have used this on Guitars since 1965 in a collaboration with Kazuo Yairi. but as far as I can see only in 2012 did they start to brand Ukuleles with this name but it is now their biggest Ukulele brand with a number of different wood ranges, Soprano to Baritone, Guitaleles and Uke Basses.

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