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Nagoya Suzuki Soprano Ukulele
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Kiso Soprano
Kiso Suzuki Pineapple
Kiso Suzuki Pineapple
Suzuki Violin Co. Ltd. was founded in 1887 in Nagoya by Masakichi Suzuki and there was only one Suzuki company before WW2. After the war, an entity created by the allies dismantled some parts of 'Imperial' Japan and some companies were closed or restructured. In Suzuki's case, the company was separated into: the Suzuki Violin Company, changing to the Kiso Suzuki Violin Company and the Suzuki Violin Manufacturing Company came to be called the Nagoya Suzuki Violin Company.

Both firms had Soprano Ukuleles in their catalogue, (though Kiso look like they bought theirs in from Hoshino), however Kiso Suzuki went bankrupt in 1987 and Nagoya Suzuki stopped making Guitars in 1989. They may have stopped Ukuleles, (which don't appear ever to have been very big in the catalogue), before that. They do still make Violins and Mandolins though and are now owned by Hosco. Nagoya Suzuki did use the name Bluebell to brand some of its acoustic Guitars and may have used it on Ukuleles?

This company has nothing to do with Suzuki Motor Vehicles or the SuzukI Music Co

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