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T Guitars Baby BA100 Sopranino Ukulele
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Seilen Banjolele
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MMB (Mobile Mini Bass)
(This is with the help of computer translators?) Luthier Shinji Takahashi started a workshop for repair and manufacture of Guitars in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture in 1985 and he called it T's Guitars. In 1997 He learned how to make Ukuleles and went on to win a prestigious makers prize in Hawaii for one of his Ukuleles. In 2000 he renamed the firm T's Guitars and Ukuleles though Ukulele production was still very limited. (maybe 10 a year). In 2003 he split his T's Ukuleles from T's Guitars with his brother running that enterprise, (and now he has nothing to do with it). 

For the new T's Ukuleles he started a proper production facility employing other staff in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, and also at around this time he set up a new consultancy company called Seilen Stringed Instruments for managing his part in this enterprise and acting as a design consultant to other Ukulele manufacturers.

Since the founding T's Ukuleles (sometimes called
Tees Ukuleles, he has registered both names), he has gone on to help a collaborative enterprise for with Kiyawa where they make Soprano's and Concerts under the branding FT Ukuleles, the FT is a combination for Famous and T's (I believe that the T's Ukulele factory makes the special FT models designed by Takahashi for Kiwaya to market). In 2012, he helped set up a factory in Oahu, Hawaii (with product release in 2014), with Winkler Woods to start local manufacture of their IMUA brand, with Seilen keeping an interest in the factory and most of the output destined for Japan. There is also a production of Uke Basses started in 2013 called MMB (Mobile Mini Bass), this time solely under the management of Seilen producing both a rubber strung AMB (Acoustic Mini Bass) and a steel strung EMB (Electric Mini Bass - with 4 or 5 strings). On top of all this corporate work he still personally makes Ukuleles and other chordophones as one off custom jobs and brands these as Seilen. What he doesn't do now is make any of the Ukuleles branded T's Ukuleles any more; he leaves that to the staff in the factory/workshop

T's Ukuleles

They make all scales except Baritone, including Minis (they call Babies), Super Soprano and Super Concert, (but they call them "Mini Tenor"). They have a full catalogue of standard production in a variety of woods and they also produce one off custom jobs. They also make a range of solid(ish) body electric Concerts and Tenors both as a catalogue item and with custom options. All of the Ukuleles have a stylised T as a headstock logo.

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