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2012 Maton Concert Ukulele
2012 "Bloodburst" Concert
1960's Model 1p Pineapple Ukulele
1960's 1p Pineapple Soprano
Founded in 1946 in Melbourne Australia, by Bill May and his brother Reg, Maton Musical Instruments Company is now Australia's longest running, and probably biggest, Guitar maker. And it is still family owned and run by Bill's Daughter and her Husband. It specialises in using local Australian woods for the manufacture of its instruments.

Though mainly a Guitar maker, Maton made a range of Soprano Ukuleles in the 1960's and reintroduced a blackwood Concert Ukulele as one of its products in 2011 and after this has introduced some other wood and decor options. It also, in 2015, added a blackwood Tenor to its produce catalogue

60's Maton catalogue

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