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Mya Moe Acoustic Resonator Ukulele
Concert Resonator
Beansprout Tenor Banjolele Banjo Ukulele
Beansprout Banjolele
Tenor Ukulele Scale
(If it was Mya Moe it would have the Quartered headstock)
Mya Moe is largely a Husband and Wife Luthier team from the US, (Gordon & Char Mayer), who make one ukulele a day. That is, according to their publicity, every day they start one making new ukulele and finish one, (I doubt the production actually is that exact?) Though they make the Acoustic Ukuleles, they do specialise in making wood body Resonator Ukuleles including Lap Steel ones, (I can't see the point of those but...?). I have seen Concert, Tenor and Baritone acoustic and resonator models from them, only Tenor and Baritone Lap Steels and only acoustic Sopranos; I have also seen Lili'us. They also employ Aaron Keim to do work for them, including Concert, Tenor and Baritone Banjoleles, though he still has his own Bean Sprout Banjos Brand.

All Mya Moe's have a quartered Headstock, (though each one is slightly different) Another design feature with some of them is what they call their "Natural" Range. sometimes they have a particularly curly or knotty piece of wood for the soundboard and they build the Ukulele to accentuate the character of the wood so having natural knothole shaped sound hole and that sort of thing.

Bean Sprout Banjos was founded by Aaron Keim and Heidi Litke in 2007. They made both Ukuleles and Banjoleles under this name but in 2010 Aaron became the sole owner. These days though he only uses it for 5 string Banjos - everything else he does is Mya Moe

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