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Nic Delisle Island Instrument Manufacture electric tiple ukulele
Island e-Tiple
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Nic Delisle - Island Instrument Manufacture

Based at the Mile end Guitar shop in Montreal, Quebec where he works in a kind of semi-collective with an number of other Guitar luthiers, (none of whom appear to make Ukuleles) his output too is primarily electric Guitars, but included in his catalogue is the e-Tiple, and electric Tiple Ukulele. He learned to make instruments by working for two years for Daddy Mojo a professional Cigar box instrument manufacturer, (that has made some cigar box Ukuleles in the past), and has been in business as Island Instrument Manufacture since 2011

Shelley D Park - Moodyville Ukulele Co.

Based in  Vancouver, British Columbia she is most famous for her Selmer style Guitars, (which she sell under the Park Guitars branding), which she started making in 1991. The Moodyville Ukulele are also predominantly Tenor scale Selmer style archtops with a D sound hole but she does do standard flat top style Tenors too, (I have never seen anything but Tenor Moodyvilles)

Stanley Pope - Bigleaf Mandolins

Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, he has been making instruments since the late 1980's and as the company name suggests he specialises in Mandolins. There are a number of other wooden instruments in his standard catalogue though, including Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles. For the Ukuleles he does make a standard looking figure 8 body shape, but because of the Mandolins he also makes an A style Mandolin body version he calls the "Celtic Pineapple". Another thing he makes is a Dulcimer, Strumstick kind of steel strung instrument he calls the "Strummer" with a Tenor scale Ukulele version as one of the options. All of his Instruments can be right or left handed, (as he is left handed), and the Ukuleles can be nylon or steel strung.

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