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Martin van humbeck Tenor Ukulele
Martin Beck Tenor
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Fred Casey - C.F.Casey Guitars

He is based just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba and though he originally started out training as a classical Guitarist he started making instruments in 1980 after studying luthiery under Bozo Podunavac. He has since done advanced luthiery courses and has also lectured internationally in various forms of instrument building. Guitars are still the main instrument but he has made all sorts of fretted chordophone including some of the the more obscure latin folk instruments. Since 2008 though Ukuleles have increasingly become part of his catalogue. He makes all standard scales of Ukulele from Sopranino, (Mini), to Baritone, and also makes Resonators, Pineapples, Taropatches, (but I've not seen a Lili'u or a Tiple Ukulele), Banjoleles and Uke Basses in a variety of woods and finish levels mainly on commission. In addition to his more professional looking models I have also seen Cigar Box Ukuleles and Cocoleles made by him, plus a number of more experiments models like double necks and square neck Weisenborn Ukuleles. He doesn't have a headstock logo as such but he does use a distinctive shape to the crown of the Ukulele, and he usually puts some kind of little inlaid motif at the top of the headstock too.

Martin van Humbeck - Beck Guitars

Based in Sproat Lake, British Columbia he has been a member of the Guild of American Luthiers since 1997 building acoustic Guitars under the name Martin Beck (as "van Humbeck just doesn’t fit on a headstock"). Though acoustic Guitars are the main output he also builds Resophonics, Tres, acoustic Basses and Ukuleles. On his website he lists Tenor and Baritone scale Ukuleles as an option and says "Sopranos are just to tiny".
(Nothing to do with Sam Rosen and his Beck 'Ukuleles in Hawaii)

Ray Vincent - Rays Rootworks

Based in Peterborough, Ontario he has been in business since 2012. He is largely self taught and makes a number of instruments like Guitars, Mandolins, Harps, Dulcimers and even Kalimbas (a kind of thumb harp). With the chordophones He uses a body shape inspired by the golden ratio and looking very organic, these and often come with an unusual nautilus like bowl backed too and he calles this design "Roots". In his catalogue he includes a 15 inch Concert, a 17 inch Tenor and recently a 20 inch scale official Baritone Ukulele, plus a Uke Bass version he calls "the Bud". Beyond these he also has a 21 inch and 23 inch scale model that he calls "the Root" and just describes as a 4 string instrument, (or 5 as he does a 5 string version too). With this you can have nylon or steel strings and he lists a wide range of tunings including Ukulele ones. For the Buds he fits a piezo pickup to all models

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