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I Uke Soprano Ukulele
Thailand Shop Brand
Most Asian countries have the usual international brands available, or occasionally some of the Chinese factory brands that aren't widely available, but sometimes I do see a brand appears is specific to that Asian Country. It is usually a Chinese produced import but web site language often means I can't find out very much about them.

Thailand particularly seems to have taken to the Ukulele, I can see no long history for it but since the mid 2000's there have been an increasing number of specialist Thai Ukulele shops, (including, and whilst they primarily import for China they do put on their own brand names, (and sometime flout copyright). These are other Thai brands I have seen so far but have very little information on.

A'Ama + Agape - Thai Shop own brand + Aier + Baracuda + Bikini + BunBun - large budget range of natural, coloured and decorated sopranos, available across Malaysia too; and maybe linked to a cartoon character but I don't think so? + Canoe + Dolce + Gecko - nothing to do with Mainland + Havana + iuke - own brand of a shop and nothing to do with the iUke Minis (certainly a different logo) + Kanani + Kelani + Krystal + Lepore + Matata + Morgan + Muka + Paloma + PapaKoa + Rebon + Samuii + Sekwang + Simple + Summco + Tone Drive + Ty + Waikiki - this is a different brand from any of the other Waikiki Ukuleles; this is a very popular name! + Wooden - Must sound foreign and exotic in Thai? + Yumi +

Of course it's not the only country I have seen small brands that are usually fairly budget and only distributed locally, but can find very little about. These are from other countries in Asia.

Cabin - from South Korea - I have seen Sopranos and Concerts + Comet - from Taiwan - possibly the own brand of a Guitar shop + Evergreen - from Taiwan - (I don't think it has anything to do with Evergreen Musical Instruments in China Different Headstock, different fret markings ect?) + Kameha - from Taiwan - there is mahogany Soprano, Concert and Tenor in the range + Yama Hiro - from South Korea +

These are some brands that I need to do further research on, (research on Asian brands is difficult with the translation problems and by virtue of the frequent distraction of finding new brands I have not seen before and having to stop while I make some notes on the new brand!). I have decided to at least record that I am aware of them here - I can always expand on the brand if I get more information

Cantavail from South Korea + Cavell Music from South Korea, appears to have a second, possibly more budget brand called Ukestar + Kingstone from South Korea + Luau from South Korea + Martell from South Korea + Roxy from South Korea. And it says Roxy as the 12th fret marker and on the bridge as well as the headstock. There is also something about being designed by SNC Korea on the back of the headstock and I believe SNC is also known as Shannon & Claudia, (not very Korean?), from the gigbags? + Soul from South Korea + Swing from South Korea, + Syndrome from South Korea + TwoMan from South Korea, (from the advertising the M is capitalised and there is no space) +

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