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As the first wave of Ukulele popularity grew, so a number of new companies jumped on the bandwagon. Some were Manufacturers with a history of making other instruments, some were Distributors, (or Jobbers as they were called at the time) who decided there was profit in having their own brands to market. Often now though there is very little information on what they made or sold.


This was apparently a manufacturer from Philadelphia, (though some of what I have seen look more like rebrands usually of Harmony instruments but I have seen Oscar Schmidt and Regal as a suggested maker too?) From 1925 on to possibly the 1950's though I have not seen anything post war. They sold Ukuleles and Banjoleles under this branding. along with Guitars, Mandolins and Banjos

Grinnell Bros.

They were a Piano maker and musical instrument distributor based in Detroit, Michigan, founded in 1879. There were 4 Brothers originally and the firm stayed in family hands until 1955 and went out of business in 1981, (In 1994 a new Grinnell Bros. Piano Co. started up and is still going with Pianos). When they were a major distributor they had their own brand of chordophones, including Ukuleles, called Wolverine. Some of the Ukuleles sold under this branding were made by Martin (as were some of the Guitars and Mandolins) and the sale of them went on into the 1930's. I have read, but not seen that the branding was also used on Leonardo Nunes made Ukulele too

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