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Aloha moon and stars soprano Ukulele
Aloha Soprano
There are a lot of Ukulele factories in China, usually in Guangzhou, and whilst some of them make the famous brands that are distributed internationally, (and some don't respect copyright), they also produce other less famous brands that only get very limited distribution. These may be the factory "house" brands or made for a Chinese online distributor that sells mainly through Amazon, eBay or a similar service. They may also be a limited trial run and they never really went into production, (but then a trial run of 500 is more than some luthiers will ever make)? I haven't found the information to be more specific, but some of these brands are as good as the famous ones made alongside them so deserve some recognition. Where I can find any extra information I will make a bigger entry but this is the page for those I know nothing about beyond they have been made and sold somewhere, and yes, sometimes there are different the brand names on otherwise identical models of Ukulele (sometimes the same name on different brands of Ukulele!).

Akama + Aloha - I have seen many different types of Chinese made Aloha ukuleles, (see Huayi for another). This is a popular name for branding Ukuleles but these Chinese ones have nothing to do with any of the other Aloha Ukuleles either the old ones or the cheap one sold to tourists + Anela + Aodin + Benser (by Seolormusic) + Batoy + BWS EST & 1988 + Cookie + D'Clair + Dulcis + EDM Music + Ella + Finger Art + Focus + Giao - no respecter of copyright + Habit + Hanas + Hawaii - similar story to the Alohas, very popular name + Hero from Hong Kong + Initer + Ipro - same firm as Gaio, they both have the same little man with guitar logo on the headstock + Kenshiro + Le Yi - has Le Yi in Chinese on the headstock as well, or a hand with the forefinger pointing up (they also counterfeit aNueNues - badly!) + Loha + Magpie + Majesty + Mastro + Mint + Mozart + Native from the same firm that makes Chord, but more upmarket + Nuts + Nice - nothing to do with Nice Baccani + Pylon + Runhall + Shaka + Sonata + Song - from a factory, nothing to do with the handmade Song Chung Musical Instrument. Co Song Ukuleles + Tanpar + Trio + Uku + V F + Vicson on sale in Vietnam + Watson + Wang + William + Wonder + Zachary

You've got to love some of the English names they come up with

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