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Phoenix mandolins Jenny Warner Rolfe Gerhardt blue moose tenr ukulele
Phoenix Mandolins Blue Moose Tenor
In being on the lookout for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Josh Rieck

Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota he has studied Guitar Repair and Construction at Minnesota State College in 2002, then on to Northern State University and the University of South Dakota where he studied Double Bass to a Masters Degree. During this period he also worked as a repair person in his local music shops. in 2012 having finished the Masters he started his own workshop where he still does repair work but concentrated mainly on making new instruments, including acoustic and electric Guitars Basses, the Violin family including Double Basses, and Concert and Tenor Ukuleles. He has a double rhomboid in a circle as his logo he uses on his instruments

Rolfe Gerhardt (Jenny Warner) - Phoenix Mandolins

Based in South Thomaston, Maine and founded in the 1970's, (as Unicorn Mandolins) by Rolfe. The output from this firm is mainly Mandolins but over the years, as well as the name change, there have been some Tenor Ukuleles made (probably by Rolfe, but while Jenny was his assistant/apprentice), under this branding. In 2015 Rolfe went into semi-retirement and Jenny has taken over as the main luthier of the firm

Topher Gayle

Based in Santa Rosa, California, he is a working musician and music teacher as well as a luthier. Over the years he has made made a variety of instruments including Guitars, Mandolins, Ouds and Ukuleles including Uke-basses. His main production though is a 4/5 string resonator Mandolin whose design he has registered which he calls a "Mandonator™ which for the 4 string versions comes with a Soprano, Concert or Tenor scale length if you restrung them as Ukuleles. He has has also made and registered a 6 string Requinto / Guitalele version with a 19.2 in (490mm) scale and A~D~G~C~E~A tuning using the same body as the Mandonator he calls the "Requintonator™. Back the the normal Ukuleles and I have only seen Sopranos from him though not all of them are figure 8 body style.

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