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Nunes Koa Soprano Ukulele circa 1915
Made in 1915
Nunes Taropatch 8 string Ukulele
If you read any of the histories of the Ukulele, the name Manuel Nunes crops up very quickly as one of the three cabinet makers credited with inventing the Ukulele.

Manuel Nunes however went on from a small luthiery shop like the other two, (Augusto Dias and Jose do Espirito Santo), to start a company, (M. Nunes & Sons), in 1910 making Ukuleles. After he retired in 1917 his son Julius continued the firm into the 1930's, (though it may be the case that the Southern California Music Co. brought the name in the late teens?)

Another son Leonardo started with the company, (hence Sons), but left, (possibly in 1917?), to start his own company and moved to the Mainland in 1920

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