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Selcol were a British plastic manufacturing company of the 1960's They were associated with the guitar maker Selmer and so also with Mario Maccaferri. Like Maccaferri's Mastro factory they made Soprano and Baritone scale Ukulele models and are particularly famous for the models that were part of the marketing for popular artists of the time 1960's. Examples I have seen are

  • The Beatles
  • Elvis Presley
  • The Monkeys
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Sooty
  • Tommy Steel
  • But oddly enough I've never seen the Mickey Mouse one they so obviously had the moulds for, (unless they were making them for Mattel)?

    Its worth remembering that some of these endorsements can significantly increase the value of the Ukulele, The Rolling Stones on the front increases the value more than tenfold, the Beatles or Elvis seven or eightfold. Sooty doesn't increase the value much though and Tommy Steele probably decreases it!

    They also has a number of generic brands like

  • The Colombian
  • Melody Maker
  • Skiffle Junior
  • Teen Time
  • Trad Jazz Special
  • Club 4

  • Some of the Baritone scale instrument were originally made for 6 strings but Selcol just changed the nut and, (sometimes), the bridge, and put blanking plates over the extra tuning peg holes.

    They made other things, including Garden Furniture too.

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