Long Neck or Super Concert

MFC Fluke "Surf Scene" Super Concert Ukulele Corner
My (19 fret) MFC Fluke
Nalu Kailoo Long Neck Acoustic Concert at Lardy's Ukulele Database
Nalu Kaikoo
T's Mini Tenor Superconcert at Lardy's Ukulele Database
T's Mini Tenor
Unlike Super Sopranos which can be in a number of scales the Long Neck or Super Concert, (it is moot if this should be one word or two) is always a Tenor scale Ukulele, (It doesn't have to be but I have never heard of anyone making a Baritone scale one), with a Concert sized body. Its main purpose is to give an extended playable neck length, with 15 or more frets before the body starts, (there is no idea of giving a different tonal variation here), thus Superconcerts are aimed primarily at players. 

There is no great history behind this scale length, whilst it may be the case that 20th century manufacturers strayed into producing some, they never set out to and wouldn't have made a virtue of having done so. This is purely a 21st century construct for the "new wave" of Ukulele popularity.

I have also seen a few manufacturers describe this configuration as Mini Tenor

That doesn't mean they can't be beautiful though, or that you have to be some kind of virtuoso to have one

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