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Tenon Industrial Co. In a Taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments founded in 1979 with a head office in Taipei and a branch office in Tian Jin on the mainland (probably where all the manufacturing is done these days?) They make pianos and woodwind instruments as well as fretted chordophones. The main brand name for Guitars, (and for their Saxophones), is Château. They have, and possibly still do make Ukuleles under this brand name, but their main Ukulele brand into which they have been putting some advertising budget since 2011, is Leho. The company is trying to imitate the Kala business model with some very similar body styles including a range of thin bodied "Travel" Ukuleles and like Kala's Makala, Leho too has a budget range called Aleho. There is also a more budget range branded MyLeho that include a number of ABS bodied Sopranos just like the Makala Dolphin

The website for Leho doesn't have a lot of information beyond telling you Leho means sea shell in Hawaiian, (this is the reason why Alehos have a scallop shaped sound hole), but it does show only Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale, (though I have seen a Leho Baritone), Ukuleles in a number of woods and string options. It also says all of the good ones have a special arched back design to minimise bracing and maximise the sound. In addition to the standard models there is a Uke Bass and a Guitalele and some limited edition models with inlaid tops. There is a roundbody model too that is made to look similar to a traditional Chinese Ruan

The Tenon Industrial Co. website says they also do OEM work too, (and looking at some of Reinhardt GmbH Ukuleles I would say they are one of the customer. Lâg seem very likely too?)

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