Takumi Ukulele Co.

Takumi Soprano
koa Soprano
Takumi Concert
mahogany Concert
Takumi Tenor
koa Tenor
In 2010 Kiwaya USA changed its company name to Takumi and from what I can find out I am unsure if Takumi owns Kiwaya, Kiwaya owns Takumi or they are completely separate companies with Takumi being Kiwaya's US distributor, (along with being distributors for a couple of other premium US brands)?

What I do know though is in 2011 Takumi launched a range of Concert Ukuleles in koa and mahogany that were apparently designed by Yusuke Kawakami, (and presumably made by Kiwaya). This range has been expanded to include Sopranos and Tenors, though currently only Koa Tenors are shown on the website

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