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Tanglewood Union series TU1 Soprano
Union Series TU1 Soprano
tanglewood Mini
Tanglewood elfin mini bass uke at Ukulele Corner
Elfin Bass
Tanglewood Guitars was founded in London in 1988 for the import and distribution of far eastern made Guitars in the UK and Europe. They give the usual story that the instruments are designed in the UK and final QI and setup is done in the UK? Since 1988 they have expanded the operation, moved out of London and expanded the distribution network to cover the world. They have expanded the range of instruments they distribute as well, to include Banjos, Mandolins and Ukuleles. About the Ukuleles, currently there are two main ranges, Tiare and Java, however in the past they have had other ranges like the Union series that included a colourful selection of budget Sopranos, Cove Creek that included Banjoleles, (than look like rebadged Daewon Dub 5s) and Tribal Spirit, but all of the ranges usually feature a "by Tanglewood" tag line somewhere on them too. Though there are no Ukuleles shown now, the Union Series does still exist for Guitars and Banjos and there is a Concert scale Banjolele included in this range.

Currently there are only Concerts and Tenors plus a Guitalele, but in the past I have seen, usually in the Union Series, Minis, Sopranos, Baritones and a Uke Bass too. What I haven't seen is Lili'us, Taropatches or anything like that.

In the "Noughties" they had a range of half sized solid body electric Guitars, usually designed as smaller versions of the most famous electric Guitar models, that was called Elfin. The "Precision" Bass model had a scale length of 635mm (25 inches) so just about falls into the range of a long scale Uke Bass size though it was steel strung, and apparently replacement strings are very hard to come by.

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