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Samuel Targ President, Maxwell Targ Treasurer and Solomon Dinner Secretary were Chicago Based and started out in business as Targ & Dinner Music Co. in 1920 selling only phonographs and phonograph accessories but soon adding the distribution of Emmerson phonograph records and a salesman called David Wexler. With the rise in popularity of the radio hitting their sales them moved into Musical Instrument distribution and moved to Wabash St Chicago in 1928. In 1930 they became Targ & Dinner Inc. now employing 26 people and I believe they had stopped trading by the 1990's. They were similar to the other distributors of the time in that they rebranded products made by the big Chicago manufacturers like Regal, Richter and Globe before WWII and branded Far Eastern made instruments after; they didn't produce instruments themselves

One of their most famous brands was Marveltone (reg 1926). I have seen the post war Japanese made Marveltones but nothing pre war (I have read it was a brand of String in this period?). They also owned SS Maxwell (1931), Olympian (1931), Arch Kraft (1932) and Biltmore (1933)

Other brand's included Sweetheart; these were made for T&D by the Richter Mfg Co. (who actually registered the brand name?), and an order for the Ukuleles and Banjoleles placed in 1926 was said to be the biggest single Ukulele order to that point. Plus there is a duco crystal finish model called Chuckie with the T&D sound hole label and I have seen Ukuleles from occupied Japan with Aquarius. Made in Japan expressly for Targ and Dinner" and Barclay Made in Japan expressly for Targ and Dinner" on the sound hole label, (though with Barclay I have seen Ukuleles made in West Germany with this branding too). I have also seen a catalogue from 1937 that includes a Biltmore Herald Ukulele.

In 1931 they purchased Cole & Dunas another Chicago distributor who had previously been selling re-branded Gibson Banjoleles along with "Novelty Ukuleles?" and Aloha Ukuleles from Hawaii, (not re-branded) in the 1920's. They were also the firm that started selling Olympian Ukuleles and Banjoleles prior to T&D buying them and registering the name (to try and stop Leedy using it on their Banjos)

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