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Founded about 2010 and based on the North Shore of lake Tahoe but the California side, this is the coming together of two cabinetmakers Tyler Joersz and Devin Price, (the name comes for their given names combined). The two met while working for a furniture maker where they still work full time alongside the luthiery. They make all the standard scales of Ukulele plus Guitaleles and some other simple wooden instruments using a variety of, often reclaimed or offcut from the furniture, woods. They make mainly custom commissions but do make some on speck and in 2019 they say they have completed their 100th Ukulele. I have not seen any additional string options, but they say they are happy to do this if requested, (along with full size Guitars).

They are very fond of using a motif of 3 circles of increasing size both as a headstock logo and as a sound hole or side soundport design. This is because their workshop is called the Three Dot Studio. Another common design feature is the fret mark bars that extend from the side to halfway across the fretboard.

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